Jessica Traurig


Jessica is a highly effective, passionate and innovative educator with 9 years of experience. In her current position, she is responsible for overseeing the digital strategy and development of the school. As a teacher, Jessica is incredibly passionate about learner growth and the capacity of technology to enable learners to reach their potential. Jessica is enthusiastic about the integration of technology to develop this as a culture within the classroom and school.

Currently, Jessica is undertaking a Master in Education with a speciality of Digital Learning at Monash University and has researched a range of concepts including pedagogy within STEM/STEAM, SAMR and curriculum continuums.  She assumes the responsibility for integrating learning technologies along with effectively training colleagues to ensure the effective use of these new initiatives. Jessica has been able to advise and implement various ways to use technology in both the physical and virtual world to aid the educational experience offered to students.

Jessica has implemented the use of many technological devices including Bee-Bot, Dash, Alpha 1, EV3, WeDo 2.0, BB-8, Makey-Makey and iPads.  She also has experience with a multitude of educational applications such as Thinglink, Comic Maker, iMovie and ChatterPics. She was also responsible for the realisation of digital portfolios as a useful visible learning tool, along with creating a collaborative digital community which is inclusive of students, parents and teachers. Jessica has the responsibility for integrating learning technologies along with effectively training my colleagues to ensure the effective use and integration of these new initiatives.

Areas of expertise

  • Expand pedagogical capacity in staff to utilise technology for integration into the classroom
  • 21st Century and Futures Learning
  • Design thinking and agile learning strategies
  • Digital technologies and practical proficiency
  • Staff coaching and mentoring
  • Teaching technologies curriculum to primary students
    • EV3, Bee-Bot, Dash, WeDo 2.0, BB-8, Makey-Makey, iPads, unplugged
  • First Lego League and First Lego League Junior mentor and coach
  • Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator