Assessment and Evidence

Summative Assessment

What will constitute acceptable evidence of understanding? How will students show what they understand, know and are able to do?

  • The investigation into different components of what a gold mining town looked like (Housing, shops, goldfields, mines, streets, schools, accommodation, law and order, church, wagons, animals, people, stables, entertainment, bushrangers)
  • As a class, brainstorm the types of questions that are needed for investigation purposes
  • Work with the children to establish success criteria
  • As they follow their pathway based on their selections, students will look for ways to relate the criteria to their person and journey

Children are given choice as to which area they would like to investigate

  • The investigation can be presented in a variety of ways
  • Children given the opportunity to come up with their own mode of presentation
  • Share with one another (Jigsaw learning) – have a proforma to fill in as students listen to one another (creates overview understanding)
  • Once completed, the students are given the choice to work in small groups and be given a portion of a ‘puzzle’ which will depict a scene of the Gold Rush era (bringing it all together)

 Construction of a 3D gold field/town.

Scene ideas:

  • Accommodation settlement
  • Gold Panning
  • Gold mining
  • Strip of shops
  • Chinese settlement
  • Bakery Hill (Eureka stockade)
  • Bushrangers
  • Banks/government houses

Students will work within a group to plan/design their allocated scene on paper first and then translate it to 3D form using various materials.

They must also explain exactly what is happening in their scene (What is happening? Who is involved? Etc) considering what they have discovered about life in this era from their ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’


Celebration of Learning


Parents invited into the classroom to see all work completed including a viewing and explanation of the Gold mining town model. They will also be invided to view and discuss the students’ pathwaies through the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’.



Success Criteria & Models

What are the rubrics and/or models that will help students understand what is expected in the summative assessment?

Geography and History

  • I can use historical terms and concepts
  • I can identify questions to inform a historical inquiry
  • I can identify the causes and effects of change on particular communities
  • I can describe aspects of the past that remained the same
  • I can describe the different experiences of people in the past
  • I can describe the significance of people and events in bringing about change
  • I can explain how people and environments  can influence one another
  • I can explain how people influence the human characteristics of places and the management of spaces within them
  • I can articulate what a gold mining in mid 1800 would have looked like
  • I can identify the essential elements for a gold mining town to be viable (water, farmland, access to a port etc)
  • I can recognise the physical features that will determine the type of town that will be developed– seaport, gold town, farmland

 Research Skills

  • I can brainstorm relevant questions that will help me to formulate a strong question
  • I can locate relevant information to my area of investigation
  • I can read and summarise my information into my own words
  • I can follow the success criteria to ensure that I am on track
  • I can present my information so that it is understandable to all


  • I can keep financial records
  • I can draw and construct nets
  • I can read grid references
  • I can draw a scaled plan of a town
  • I can create buildings to scale


  • I can work effectively with a group
  • I can share ideas with others
  • I can take ownership of my role within the group
  • I can adapt my role to the needs of the group


Other evidence

What other assessment evidence will you collect to demonstrate student progress in learning? (Formative Assessment)

  • Reflections of the visit to Sovereign Hill
  • Record keeping of research into ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’
  • Oral discussion around the impact of finding gold in Australia


Resources Used

  • Sovereign Hill
  • The Australian Story of Us video
  • California Goldrush video
  • The Beginnings of the Australian Goldrush video
  • Scootle
  • Enhance TV (visual aids)
  • ‘Do you Dare – The Eureka Boys’




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