About Us

Primarily Tech was founded by Jessica Traurig in 2018.

Our mission to is to help children explore technology as a culture and as an integral part of education. We are passionate about assisting students to reach their individual potential and allowing them to become the best they can be through the integration of technology as part of the classroom and not just a tool within it.

Our programs empower children to become confident and creative learners and give them the tools to learn and problem-solve in new ways. By acquiring a deeper knowledge and understanding of digital systems and the processes associated with creating digital solutions, children gain a better understanding of the world they live in.

Today, the advancement of technology has filtered into almost every facet of our lives. Technology is changing and advancing at an ever-increasing speed and employers will expect their employees to have the skills needed to live, work, and flourish in a digital society. It is therefore crucial that students learn skills that can be transferred regardless of the Application being used to ensure future success as functional members of the community.

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