What kids workshops are all about at Primarily Tech.

In short, it is about robotics. However, what our workshops really do is help kids bring their imagination to life and to animate their wildest ideas. They learn the skills of building, coding, animation and robotics. We do this through structured sessions where the kids pick or design the robot whether it is a dragon, spider or a butterfly and then strategies how to animate it. We then teach them how to use an iPad to code movement and animation to their robot.

Workshops at Primarily Tech are designed to engage children in hands-on learning actively. Through building models, children will enjoy activities that connect them to Engineering, Coding and Mechanics. Children will problem solve and learn success through failure in a safe and supportive atmosphere with an experienced Robotics and STEM teacher. With over a decade of experience working with Primary school children, our instructor will be able to modify and adapt content to meet the needs of individual children.

It is amazing when a child designs a dragon and then builds it with Lego. Spends time working and understanding the coding and then to watch their faces as their creation comes to life either snapping its jaw or walking along the table. The kids not only develop individual skills essential to this technological age we live in but they also have a ball.

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