Thinking… It’s more of a skill

Both sides of our brain cater to different needs of creative or analytical thinking. Many studies have found that thinking creatively for problem-solving activates both of the hemispheres of your brain resulting in a whole brain thinking process.

This kind of whole brain processing is what our future will be built on. Through embracing this kind of thinking and giving our children the tools to solve problems, create and reimagine possibilities through digital technologies, you open the world to them.

Digital technologies allow children to explore ideas creatively while using technical skills to build them. It enables children to realise their successes and failures, observing the results of their ideas in a virtual or real world.

Thinking in this way is a skill, and may not always come naturally. It needs, like any ability, to be trained and used to grow and develop. Teaching children skills that combine creativity with technical acuity will help them to stretch, strengthen and refine their thinking skills.




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