It has been said before, but failure is not a dirty word!

Wanting to be successful is a part of human nature. We want to succeed, reach those mountain tops and flourish. Achievements are not meaningful unless they required us to grow, learn or stretch ourselves to accomplish it. It is for this reason that we must welcome failure and tolerate how uncomfortable it can make us feel.

Think about your child when they were learning to walk. That baby continued to stand up over and over and over again with a determination to step take those first steps. Failure is about taking on the lessons that can be learnt from falling on your bum and then practising or changing what you have done based on this reflection.

The word failure is not a dirty word or a bad word it is a chance to change, to learn something and in fact part of what inherently makes us humans. If we do not try with the understanding of what a mistake is then humans would never have built buildings, made machines or evolved into the advanced beings that we are today.

Your lifestyle, computer, electricity, car and phone is all thanks to failure and persistence. Someone somewhere taking action when ‘it’ didn’t work to try and try again. They grew their knowledge, overcame challenges to, dig their way out of the pit to reach their goal.

Is that not something we all want for our children.


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